Chamber Tots

After a rather long time on the waiting list, we have finally managed to get signed up for Wigmore Hall’s ‘Chamber Tots’ project.  Coming from a performing arts background, this is indeed a very exciting opportunity for me to reflect on how we can use the arts to provide rich, varied and meaningful learning opportunities for children  in the early years.  Bring it on.

I went with two of my colleagues to the first INSET day a week ago hosted at the amazing Wigmore Hall. We spent some time warming up and singing together to get a feel for what our children will encounter once the project gets going in our settings. I have to say, even the most inhibited of practitioners had the potential to wow an audience with their choral singing and movement once we were in full swing!

photo (18)

We shared ideas on what we think music is and discussed whether or not it has any place or relevance in early years settings.  As a practitioner who uses music regularly in my setting, this was great for consolidating and articulating the importance of exposure to music during early childhood.


Having the opportunity to explore rhythm and sound with percussion instruments – alone and with colleagues – as well as play with other practitioners using various resources that we might possibly encounter in an early years setting was as insightful experience. What do children already do that is rhythmic?  How do children use sound to support their learning? How do we as practitioners use sound to support children’s learning as they play?

For more information on Chamber Tots, Click here. Or see video link below: 

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